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What is Conflict Communication

question mark 5 256Simply Stated – Openly, honestly, respectfully and confidently engaging with the other party through listening to, expressing, understanding and finding creative, dignified and honorable ways to build bridges, deepen relationships and encourage growth from within and without.

Let’s understand more about conflict itself before we can consider the effectiveness of Conflict Communication.  Conflict occurs when there is a disagreement or a difference in opinion, perspective or position on a subject, it could be between individuals, companies, communities or even countries.  These differences are multi-faceted and layered with difficult and often overwhelming emotions such as fear, anger, hurt, guilt, anxiety and despair just to name a few.  Emotions that most are never really taught to manage and channel appropriately.  Conflict does not necessarily result in or involve an argument or a fight.



Our world is filled with conflict,

from our personal lives (cannot get along within a family unit, endless fighting with parents and children, continuous dramas with your spouse or partner), to our places of work (bad vibes between colleages, cannot stand a boss, won’t tolerate a subordinate, unable to function within a team) and right out into our communities and countries (intolerance towards your neighbours, road rage, violence towards people of a different race or religion). Conflict is normal and it is necessary!   When communicated effectively it can be a healthy, meaningful, and purposeful part of our lives which accelerates not only our own personal growth but the growth of an organisation, a community and even a country.

An “effectively communicated conflict” leaves all parties feeling empowered, uplifted, motivated, bonded, peaceful and inspired.

A badly communicated conflict leaves all parties feeling angry, disrespected, disempowered, resentful, in turmoil and worst of all revengeful.

Sadly, most are just not equipped to handle even the simplest of conflicts, hence the world is in a state of continuously destructive conflict.

If you are battling with conflicts on a personal level, in the workplace with members of staff, or even within a community, contact Nazrana for some creative navigation.



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